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Giveaway, Spin, Barmarche

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Hello! The giveaway is still open, we have had one winner so far, but there are two copies of the book to give away, so remember to email your answers in by tomorrow at midnight for a chance to win! The correct answers will be announced on Saturday!

Tonight I went to see Spin presented by the Stage Farm at the Cherry Lane Theater. It was a collection of five short plays by a range of directors including Adam Rapp and Gina Gionfriddo. Her play was a game show o’ misery, which pitted Britney Spears against a US soldier who had died in Iraq. The contest was to see whose life was more tragic, according to the textbook definition. Britney won, after a grandstanding speech about how she had survived child labor in the Mickey Mouse Club and a monolougue by the contest’s judge, which as I recall peaked at, “When I was a brillo-haired little girl, I had a straight-haired Malibu Barbie who I worshiped, and you Britney, were that Barbie come to life!”

The highlight for me was Judith Thompson’s Nail Biter. Framed as a rebuttal against a damning youtube video, a Canadian soldier defends, albeit nervously, his complicity in torture at Guantanamo Bay. Jesse Hooker convincingly embodies this character and the way the confession wraps in a reel-like circle is quite effective.

Go check them out, they were good!

Don’t however run on down to Barmache afterwards, as I did. The American, references Mexican food is overpriced and over-fried. Yes, the decor is shiny, charmingish, and of course referencing the white tile trend as much as possible,  but I’d rather eat my grilled chicken and mash at Whole Foods for $6 B S style. The company was great though, thanks guys!