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Lately, I’ve been having visions of myself on the treadmill at my local YMCA gym, jamming to books on tape, while running in place. These visions are strange, but not dissimilar to my vision of starting my own cultural curation website, with a focus on Brooklyn. So I bought a domain name, and tried to get all fancy, but that web design mumbo jumble got me down, instead in the wee hours of night, with you dear fledgling readers, I have decided to Start Simple. Please try to ignore the less than flash photos, and not so awesome formating, all that will one day come. I promise, because somewhere amidst the visions of fashion labels, gourmet stews, crazy pitch idea and all my other visions, The B S has a lot of potential and she will rise!


Brooklyn Socialite

Brook·lyn \ˈbru̇-klən\
Function:geographical name borough of New York City at SW end of Long Island population 2,465,326

so·cial·ite \ˈsō-shə-ˌlīt\ Function:noun a socially prominent person

 A Card of Inspiration and Desperation-by me Another Vision

PaperBagMan-by me Another Vision