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Kalup Linzy and Dynasty Handbag, Humboldt County, Stonewall

Posted in art with tags , , , , , , on October 4, 2008 by thebrooklynsocialite

Since Stonewall, artstars and novices alike have been free to express themselves multi-genrely. Tonight was no exception. I ended my revelry at Stonewall amidst the ladies of Stonewall69 and the men who had wandered upstairs. It was a house music explosion and I have the headache to prove it. Yet, as my roommate pointed out, it was kinda awesome how a bunch of fugly peopleĀ  were there dancing badly. We were happy watch mini-dramas unfold for an hour or so.

Before that we were caught in the passion of high school imbalances remastered. Suddenly the cool guy in school, is a looser adult, and the dorks are king of the art hill. Oh to be a boy in New York, oh to be a girl. I always find it necessary to right some of these wrongs, by berating the former popular kids and building communion with the once smarty pants nerds. I too was once a smarty pants nerd, yesterday. Today, I can’t even talk about today.

Moving on, that funfest high school mash-up occurred at a wonderful reception, where I got to see my lovely friends Darren and Danny, the directors behind the film, Humboldt County, which was released last week. I interviewed them for the Northcoast Journal, but haven’t gotten to see them for awhile as they live in LA- a nice reunion!

Before that, my roomie and I saw Kalup Linzy and Dynasty Handbag (GL) at the New Museum, both of whom were insanely hysterical. See pictures below. I haven’t had that much fun at a performance in I don’t know how long. This means a lot coming from someone who has seen a lot of performances lately. Do not miss their next gigs!