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That´s My Jam, Black Iris, Kellogs Diner, Mixphobic

Posted in Food, Guide to What's Good, Party, queer with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on November 17, 2008 by thebrooklynsocialite

Last night I had dinner at Black Iris on Dekalb in Ft Greene.  It´s this very reasonably priced Middle eastern place, byo. The food was really simple and standard, nice lamb pizzas and the waiters are super friendly and cool. Nice on a wintry day-comfort food. Afterwards, I finally managed to check out That´s My Jam. TMJ is a queer party in Clinton Hill, it claims to be in Bed Stuy, but those of us who actually live in bedstuy know better. It was mega packed and I ran into everyone and his brother. The music started out kinda amateurish, but picked up in speed and efficiency around 2 as DJ Tikka commandeered the tables and the crowd started to thin out. At 3, I wondered what I was still doing there and braved the windy walk home(to the real bed stuy). This morning I woke up on a Latte mission and had to accept cappuccino because the people at Kellogs diner have never heard of Lattes. Really. I know it sounds strange, but they are only familiar with certain functionalities when it comes to espresso machines. The food at Kellogs was not much worth a mention, but it’s a really chill unassuming spot to spend Sunday morning dishing with friends.

The word of the day is Mixphobic: A fear experienced by DJ’s who do not know how to mix. Bartenders, who do not know how to mix have also been known to experience this anxious condition. Wallflowers in Brooklyn may also sometimes experience said phobia.