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Survived Christmas-just barely

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Forever the Grinch, this particular season of holidays naturally gets me down in a massive way, yet this time I managed to survive my negativity and bad past associations, (barring a few teary outbreaks) with a modicum of composure and some good old fashioned cheer. I spent the eve with French ex-pats, just my style, failing miserably at veganism, I had an excellent foie gras, oyster, salmon, cheese etc meal avec plenty of wine.  As I spent the Christmas eve in an airport in Paris last year on zero sleep and loads of impatience after my flight was delayed for 24 hours, this year served as an entirely more comfortable trip down memory lane. Speaking French in a “cheer” infused manner, is much more fun than violently arguing with apathetic airport employees in that language.

I spent Christmas rather contentedly in bed. Then I went to another orphan dinner at a gorgeous duplex inside an unsuspecting apt building on Jane st. Cinderella for a few hours, soon the clock struck midnight and it was time to return to the hood. Next day, I regrettably scheduled some family time in and saw Benjamin Button and ate at 10 Downing st with my mother. The highlight of the evening was clearly 10 Downing st…will talk more about this later. The new Brad Pitt movie on the other hand just goes to show that after a while talented actors, who are paid too much money, just morph into big fat losers.

The next day, i woke up sick. Just when I thought I had survived cheer week with a sufficient amount of “Spirit” I remembered that the fates were not done mocking me. Now it seems that in addition to being sick, I have put my back out again! All I want for Christmas is a free massage and a private jacuzzi. I hope your holidays were better than mine!

Soltace, Hanuka, Christmas…

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As fun as pictures are, for those of you who may be missing my voice, I’m back. Just want to offer up some holiday well-wishes in the season of giving and forgiving and receiving and new leafs and resolutions, dark days and ETC. Yesterday, I celebrated soltace with a couple of good friends, and the darkest day of the year, although at first quite tragic, ended up feeling pretty revelatory. On the advice of our Soltace expert friend, we conducted a little ceremony to cleanse the old and bring in the new. Like ashes scattered to sea, we grabbed the tray from the toaster oven, ripped some scraps out of my sketch pad and made a very mini-bonfire out of bad memories past, and the things that were holding us down and back, from last year. Duly cleansed, we were able to then imagine the growth and the joy that we are definitely going to let in during this new year. I hope your simple ceremonies are as blessed. If your celebrating the holidays with family, please don’t break down, have fun, laugh it off, and if you are chilling with city orphans/chosen family, eat another latke for me, enjoy your vegan turkey, and watch that Christmas pudding catch on fire, with a little soltace glow left  in your eye!