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Synecdoche New York

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Sadness and Whiskey are a bad combination, I apologize for not posting yesterday. It won’t happen again. Throw a Charlie Kaufman film and lunch at Conde Nast in and there you have a recipe for a very strange day. It was a good day though, except for the portion of it I spent at Wholefoods using their non-existent wireless and chomping on stale over-priced food. The harrowed whole halls just didn’t compare with the Conde cafeteria, designed by Frank Gehry. Let’s talk about Kaufman though and his star Philip Seymour Hoffman. Here’s the trailer.

The writer behind Being John Malkovich, Adaption and Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind has offered up another intense psychological study. Kaufman creates a magical realist landscape dictated by the fading mind of an aging playwright. It is peopled by an over-published, wizard-like shrink, a no longer committed artist wife, and a 4 year old, daughter who eventually morphs into a thirty something German body artist. Other characters which represent unrequited love and familial loyalty weave in and out of the storyline. Essentially the film is about a lifetime performance, literally a play that is being rehearsed for 25 years, inside a bio-dome style NYC warehouse. I won’t give away the ending, but I will say that it is bleak and peaceful.

Post Synecdoche, and my whole foods stint. I hit up Heathers and that champion of dive bars, Nowhere bar. It was chill and gross. If you don’t lean against the walls you just might have fun there!

Coco Rosie at Heather’s

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Last night I saw Bianca, aka Mad Vicky, one of the members of Cocorosie, DJ at Heather’s. Known for wearing crazy wigs and lots of beautiful, built-up costumes, Bianca was rocking a realistic, white girl dread wig. I’m assuming that wasn’t her actual hair, but not sure. Her clothes were slightly more downplayed but still somehow imposing. My friend commented that he loved her rainbow aesthetic, which is ironic considering the truth that Cocorosie have often referred to themselves as Rainbow Warriors. It kind of did feel like a tribe had come home to chill, with Bianca, joined by equally snazzy mix-mistress Black cracker and her band and life- mate Bunny Rabbit. Members of OMG Michelle were also in the blender, plus designers Leif and Tooya.

DJ Mad Vicky

DJ Mad Vicky

If you haven’t heard Cocorosie’s sounds, check them out. Popular in Barcelona and Paris, where they live part time, and of course on the west coast, their music is a rhythmic cross pollination. Fisher price toys compete for dominance with operatic vocals, disguised voices and good old fashioned (ha ha) beats. Danceable, at times queer-centric, melodic, lyrical, their music is so many things. Black Cracker and Bunny are pretty ace too, especially when you see them in Athens! The DJing was of course different from the band, but our verdict: fun and thought provoking, definitely going on the GL. The slide show that accompanied it was positively wacked out. Yay, more experimental film cures, in these depressionista times.