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The Economic Downturn & Depression Entertainment

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Let me tell you, writing for a living (and making clothes) is not all that lucrative for some people that i won’t mention, ok me. Still I look around and notice that the signs of the times are quite prominent nearly everywhere. Friends are loosing jobs, moving cities, desperately promoting themselves, or sliding into negative state of mind funks. For me, not all that much has changed ‘cuase I actually didn’t have that far to fall. (ha ha) Any way, this brings me to consider the rise of Broadway musicals during The Great Depression, which is this week mirrored by the success of High School Musical 3. It looks like American’s on average would like to be entertained by ultra-positive, unrealistic singsong in times of Crisis.

I fear that I tend to go in quite the opposite direction for my ressionista kicks. I watch a lot of documentaries, which not everyone considers to be a good time. Like tomorrow, for instance I am really excited about the Stranger than Fiction, screeing of Making do the Right Thing, to quote myself,

St Clair Bourne captured the conflict-rich environment of Bed-Stuy in the early ’80s and the ways in which the community responded to seeing its streets turned into a live set.” Read More

Angela Davis

Angela Davis

This will be a great night because not only is a film about my neighborhood screening, but Danny Glover and many others will be in the house to pay tribute to St Clair Bourne, who I had the honor of befriending before he died last year. Later in the week, more of what I call good cheap fun, Angela Davis will be speaking about Abolition Democracy at Cooper Union for free. More info

The other fun, affordable and cheery things that I am, and suggest doing in today’s economy are playing with dogs and reading! Yay, so Brideshead revisited reading group, get busy! I also love making soup in these times, it’s cheap and it lasts all week. Any one who has a good soup recipe, please comment post it or email it to me at I will share one soon too, maybe even giveaway a soup dinner to one lucky reader… x

Loulou’s, Winners, Gowanus Harvest Fest

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Wow, I meant to post last night, but staying up until 5am at and after the I heart Brooklyn Girls party, translated to falling asleep at 8pm last night, while watching the Making of the Spice Girls DVD. Yes, people who are under the misconception that I’m pretentious will be pleased to know that I am not too cool to get a few kicks off watching Posh back when she was a chubby Spice in training. That was one of the fun prizes that came in my Aly Fourney benefit gift bag. But…

The point is that now I have a lot to say. First of all the answers to the Trivia question and winners of Brideshead Revisited are Shannon and Angie- yes it was a sad showing of competitors so Ang you are now officially eligible. The correct answers are:

George Orwell’s real name is Eric Blair, he was an imperial policeman in Burma for 5 years after finishing High School at Eton. When he struck a Burmese child with his cane, for some small slight, and was taunted for this by other children, he realized fully the ills of imperialism and resolved to commit to socialism and writing. Congratulations winners!

I have a new recommendation for the GL, Loulou’s in Ft Greene on Dekalb, is a great little brunch spot (especially if you have fun company like i did). In typical petit panam style, they have pretty decent crepes and all the other necessary ingredients like Mimosas, lattes and cake. The best feature is the garden. Have a long convo out back, suggested topics are education, misfired relationships, intresting court cases and Ashland vs Portland vs Brooklyn (Booklyn wins!)

After my much edited preview on Flavorpill, I won’t bother to link to it cause it won’t even sound like me—the review is that, unless your a city hippy with ten kids, you should probably skip it next year. The yard is a great space though, as I suspected (GL). Go there and bliss out in the sun, while looking at a 5 mile/hour bridge over the Gowanus canal

Giveaway, Spin, Barmarche

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Hello! The giveaway is still open, we have had one winner so far, but there are two copies of the book to give away, so remember to email your answers in by tomorrow at midnight for a chance to win! The correct answers will be announced on Saturday!

Tonight I went to see Spin presented by the Stage Farm at the Cherry Lane Theater. It was a collection of five short plays by a range of directors including Adam Rapp and Gina Gionfriddo. Her play was a game show o’ misery, which pitted Britney Spears against a US soldier who had died in Iraq. The contest was to see whose life was more tragic, according to the textbook definition. Britney won, after a grandstanding speech about how she had survived child labor in the Mickey Mouse Club and a monolougue by the contest’s judge, which as I recall peaked at, “When I was a brillo-haired little girl, I had a straight-haired Malibu Barbie who I worshiped, and you Britney, were that Barbie come to life!”

The highlight for me was Judith Thompson’s Nail Biter. Framed as a rebuttal against a damning youtube video, a Canadian soldier defends, albeit nervously, his complicity in torture at Guantanamo Bay. Jesse Hooker convincingly embodies this character and the way the confession wraps in a reel-like circle is quite effective.

Go check them out, they were good!

Don’t however run on down to Barmache afterwards, as I did. The American, references Mexican food is overpriced and over-fried. Yes, the decor is shiny, charmingish, and of course referencing the white tile trend as much as possible,  but I’d rather eat my grilled chicken and mash at Whole Foods for $6 B S style. The company was great though, thanks guys!

The Same Man-George Orwell & Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revsited

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Well Folks, I have been busy (!) riding the subway from Beautiful Brooklyn to Hot Mess Midtown, and during all of that time, I have been reading. My latest conquest is The Same Man: George Orwell and Evelyn Waugh by David Lebedoff. Again, despite the fact that the premise is damn near preposterous, (hello? What do these two writers really have in common?), it’s a pretty decent read.

Yes Lebedoff, they were born in the same year, of the upper middle class, Orwell went to Eton and Waugh went to Oxford, but come on! Orwell was an ingenious political visionary and fab writer, who lived barely above the poverty line for most of his adult life. He volunteered as a foreign soldier among the Anarchist-Syndicalists during the Spanish Civil War. Waugh was a self-made aristocrat, Catholic, heavy drinking womanizer, who once dined with Mussolini- a talented writer nonetheless.

Anyway, this brings me to the GIVEAWAY!! I have stated these opinions boldly and will no doubt reiterate some in my review of this book for Bookslut (be on the lookout), yet to be really fair, I have read almost every book that Orwell ever published and can not say the same for Waugh. In order to judge him fairly, I invite you my reader to read his classic novel Brideshead Revisited alongside of me and then to comment widely about your impressions. In fact I have 2 copies to give away to the 2 readers who correctly answer my trivia question. Then after you read it, I will happily post your reactions on the BS!

The question is: What is Goeorge Orwell’s real name? What did he do for 5 years after finishing high School and what incident involving a cane, did he learn something important from?

Tip: a key to finding the answer is included in this post!

Email answers and your mailing address to:

The Seagull on Broadway with Kristin Scott Thomas

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Broadway is a little far from Brooklyn, but I labored all the way up there for a fun night of flying. Well watching flying, alright they didn’t actually fly on stage, but phlegm from the coughing man behind me did fly into my head and the man to my right did dominate the armrest with his flailing flying gestures. The seagull did not fly, but Chekhov’s poetics flew into my mind.

All soaring aside, I thought it was a great play (GL), and I will have to go back and read it. Yes the production was a bit dry. It was Broadway after all, most of the audience had gray hair and I-phone w/earphones. Still, Kristin Scott Thomas and Peter Sarsgard displayed their theatrical merit, not to mention good performances by Mackenzie Crook and Art Malik.

The themes also resonated: struggling writers, happy with neither failure nor success, narcissistic mothers, unrequited love, country dreams aside a lake- all in a day’s fun!

Guess What? There will be a giveaway tomorrow afternoon so remember to tune in x