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Bedstuy, Clinton Hill, FT Greene Cafe Contest- BS rundown

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I have been long been meaning to do a little size-up comparison of the cafes in this hood. As the Brooklyn Socialite and a writer, let me assure you that I spend many a daytime hour in cafes so I should know a bit about them by now.

We have already talked about Choice– which is where I am now PS- definitely the best option in terms of food, coffee, deserts. In terms of hang out spot though, they get a lower score. Yes wifi, but no, the feeling that its cool to hang out all day on your laptop- it’s a bustling place, people are constantly online to get bread and savorys to take home or eat quickly on one of the outside benches. Another minus is no alcohol, sometimes an afternoon beer helps you get by, what can I say?

Then there is Tiny Cup this was my favorite for a long time until it became clear that the always fresh batch of new staff members would just never stop messing up orders. The amount of times I found jam on my bagel instead of butter, yogurt on my fruit bowl and coconut after I asked for without, or got someone else’s order all together is too many to count. What’s Worse, I have more than once been given food that wasn’t quite fresh enough. Beyond these major faux pas the good things are, the owner Lisa is really sweet and i like her. The crowd that hangs there is often cool, friendly and comfortable. This is def a laptop friendly spot, frequented by work-from-homers. Wifi yes and reasonable prices too.

Which brings me to Outpost. The best things about outpost are 1. spacious outdoor, smoker friendly garden seating and 2. They serve alcohol, beer, wine, even rum and they do really nice fruit juices to boot. Other perks are that they have young gay owners, host cool events like DJ and open mic poetry nights, have wifi and lots of laptop plugs, and similar to Tiny Cup a daytime mostly independent worker crowd. That said, the drawbacks are not very good food, some of it is pretty shocking, coffee that could be better and sometimes the feeling that it is too crowded. Maybe they could  spread the tables out a little more?

Then there is Breadstuy which hardly deserves a mention. The main pluses are WiFi, friendly staff and cool clientèle, but the coffee and food are so universally bad that it’s hard to go there for any significant period of time.

The last of the best,( bear in mind that all of the aforementioned cafes represent the best options in  daytime hood cafe chilling/working) is Smooch. A bit of a haul from where I live, but they have coffee, good smoothies, and alcohol! Plus some cruisy outdoor seating. The staff alternate between being awesome and surly, but try your luck. When I was last in the WiFi situation was indefinite so will have to check back and gauge whether or not this can really be a work spot. It’s good for a coffee date though.

If you know a place in the hood that you reckon deserves a spot on this list, please let me know!

NYC Adult Spelling Bee recap at Choice

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“If you’re looking for an opportunity to hit the spelling bee circuit, look no further. Since staring down 8 year-olds at the Scribbs National Spelling Bee, seems you know, kinda unfair, or just plain creepy, The New York City Spelling Bee is strictly for adults.” read more

I am really not above quoting myself, so that was an excerpt from my flavorpill preview of the NYC Spelling Bee at Housing Works. Now for the review…from the vantage point of Brooklyn

Continuing the conversation of the challenging hunt for goodness in Manhattan, I began to ponder what makes Brooklyn So God-dammed Good. The answer was clear- At least in my neighborhood, the lovely Bed Stuy (which some friends are truly afraid to visit ), there is not a plethora of choice. There is however, Choice bakery. This flaky croissant home to the excellent Mocha, fresh squeezed-one gulp grapefruit hot gourmet to take away-mecca of Goodness exists at the intersection of Grand and Lafayette, in Petit Panam. That is, half a block of stoop sale, Parisian, french African anomaly, contrasted against the hundreds of blocks lined with residences, laundromats and Pentecostal Churches.

I love Choice! As I sat there 5 separate people I knew, came past to grab their Sunday vitals, while I told the Philosopher about my Sat night Spelling Bee. “It was so much more fun than you can imagine,” I said. “It’s a hipster librarian’s ultimate contest, you win book vouchers and feel validated at last!” He just nodded, as philosophers do.