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Olea, Afternoon In Ft Greene

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So I’ve spent the whole day at Olea, ostensibly working, while also having brunch and lattes and now a drink with different friends who have wandered in and out during my all day residency here. I figured that now might be a good time to report faithfully on the place. First of all, It’s great, because not only are they cool with writers like me camping out all day… Their mediteranean food is also adecuately posh, approved of by nytimes, New York Mag and etc. Very decent coffee as well! For dinner they are slightly pricier, but the French infused breakfast is reasonable. Try the homemade pain chocolat and enjoy free wireless!

Podunck Tea House- Another Gem Discovered

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Hidden amongst the rank and file of 5th St boutiquey joints, this wonderful gem quietly lurks. Podunk: An American Tea Room, is cozy quaint, yummy and just good fun. A cross between a South of France Salon du The and an English High Tea and scones house, this American interpretation of calming, healthy, leisure time is pretty ace. You can share a pot of tea and a themed meal, “ladies luncheon,” “Savory Brunch,” and “Sweet and Cheese,” are some of the options. The meals come on perfect little doily clad trays, and always represent more than one course, savory with sweet, including a choice of homemade cakes or cookies and fruit. Every different kind of tea is on offer, from organic lavender and mango chamomile to spicy authentic chais. Podunk reminds me of a gem I once frequented in Ales and the Arab Bath’s Tea Room in Sevilla, although it’s not quite Europe I will make a point to keep taking mini-Sunday -brunch-vacations to 231 E 5th St. Stop in and say hi to Elsbeth, the charming owner, who runs the place almost single-handedly. GL

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Searching for what’s good

Posted in Guide to What's Good with tags , , , on September 21, 2008 by thebrooklynsocialite

My yesterday got off to a bit of a bad start, it all began with the search for a good brunch spot in the LES. This type of quest can be depressing when you are surrounded by herds of hand holding co-habitues, and blocked on the path by strollers and up-gazing tourists. Harrowing as it was, I managed to settle on a new French place called Regate, where I attempted to swallow my dread under the stream of a very weak latte. (I failed). The search for Lunch in Soho was no easier, after a few false starts, I finally landed at L’ulvio, then journeyed up the west village, towards meatpacking on the look out for a good desert joint. I settled on the Birdbath Bakery, which I’ve always respected for its combination of organic practices and really good cookies. Unfortunately, this time I noticed their excessive use of disposable paper and plastic products and lack off espresso machine- but nobody’s perfect ( least of all me-many snob points were earned today! )

What’s the moral of this story? 1. Another day of leisure spent in vain. 2 Eating all day is weird. or 3. It’s really hard to find good eateries among the cacophony of choices in Manhattan south.

3. That’s right 3 OK, maybe all of the above, but what I mean to say is that after all this search chagrin got in the way of my relaxation, I came to the conclusion that it was high time to draft a guide to what’s good. I needed a voice that I could trust, to help me sift through all the mediocrity, than I realised I could be that Voice. (he he) None of the food spots I visited yesterday quite deserve inclusion in the guide so hold steady, Food picks will come. In the meantime lets talk about Culture: see the next post for how my inspiring evening contrasted with a sadly mundane day.