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First iphone post

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So I just discovered the wordpress application for the iPhone. I am your budding technological baby, with open eyes and outstretched arms I am slowly learning what this whole Internet/computer thing is all about. Forgive me for my lack of total computer nerdyness and trust that I am rapidly catching up! Wow, what a dream boat you are wordpress iPhone app. + a shout out goes to my two thanksgivings, I got some tech tutorials over turkey and what a revolution it has been! Ok, officially a nerd, going to go check the big screen to see if this worked!

Supper, Channeling

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Just finished editing the busy events of Friday night, and happy to realize that Saturday was by far a quieter evening. I just have to recap the cool film screening and after party that I attended and the great dinner at Supper which preceded it.

I keep being drawn back to that restaurant, It reminds me of Tiamo, this great Italian spot in the Italian district of Melbourne, which I used to frequent. Going there offers me a little taste of my home away from home, tied up between piping hot homemade pasta, gorgonzola polenta, and decadent procioutto mellons. Sorry vegans. Which brings me to the next event of the evening.

I had to try to pull off vegan chic among talented experimental filmmakers, artists, DJs and friends. The screening at ABC No Rio, (moved from Le Petit Versailles), was charming, subtle, at times hysterical, at others confusing, but overall thought provoking and bold. It is always good to see queer stories, which ponder identity, earthliness and disco. Check out the work of Elliot Montague and Michael Robinson on youtube maybe or in your local radical lending library.

The afterparty was a refreshing amount of fun. After most of the crowd at Heather’s cleared, what remained was a friendly crew, Aurthur Russell and other disco/hip hop/pop and house beer guzzling queertabulousness.

The Bad List- I thought it was only fair

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Still outside of the city and just about ready to return. God I miss Brooklyn! I thought this would be a good time to express my egalitarian instincts and create a Bad list- indeed it is only fair. For everything there is that is Good, there are probably 25 things, which are bad, so don’t worry I won’t list them all. However, there are some things which suck so goddammed much that I will have no choice but to rail against them. Why not build them a home, place them where they belong on the bad list. Feel free to leave additions to the list as comments bellow, whatever deserves a place on this mantle, will indeed be given one!



people who feel the need to create dialogue for dogs, “He’s saying, ‘pet me, love me, I’m here too, don’t forget I’m here too.'”

Christian Fundamentalists

bad tenants

Harry Shearer and band performing songs of the Bushmen


Photoshop downloads