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Synecdoche New York

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Sadness and Whiskey are a bad combination, I apologize for not posting yesterday. It won’t happen again. Throw a Charlie Kaufman film and lunch at Conde Nast in and there you have a recipe for a very strange day. It was a good day though, except for the portion of it I spent at Wholefoods using their non-existent wireless and chomping on stale over-priced food. The harrowed whole halls just didn’t compare with the Conde cafeteria, designed by Frank Gehry. Let’s talk about Kaufman though and his star Philip Seymour Hoffman. Here’s the trailer.

The writer behind Being John Malkovich, Adaption and Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind has offered up another intense psychological study. Kaufman creates a magical realist landscape dictated by the fading mind of an aging playwright. It is peopled by an over-published, wizard-like shrink, a no longer committed artist wife, and a 4 year old, daughter who eventually morphs into a thirty something German body artist. Other characters which represent unrequited love and familial loyalty weave in and out of the storyline. Essentially the film is about a lifetime performance, literally a play that is being rehearsed for 25 years, inside a bio-dome style NYC warehouse. I won’t give away the ending, but I will say that it is bleak and peaceful.

Post Synecdoche, and my whole foods stint. I hit up Heathers and that champion of dive bars, Nowhere bar. It was chill and gross. If you don’t lean against the walls you just might have fun there!

Kalup Linzy and Dynasty Handbag, Humboldt County, Stonewall

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Since Stonewall, artstars and novices alike have been free to express themselves multi-genrely. Tonight was no exception. I ended my revelry at Stonewall amidst the ladies of Stonewall69 and the men who had wandered upstairs. It was a house music explosion and I have the headache to prove it. Yet, as my roommate pointed out, it was kinda awesome how a bunch of fugly peopleĀ  were there dancing badly. We were happy watch mini-dramas unfold for an hour or so.

Before that we were caught in the passion of high school imbalances remastered. Suddenly the cool guy in school, is a looser adult, and the dorks are king of the art hill. Oh to be a boy in New York, oh to be a girl. I always find it necessary to right some of these wrongs, by berating the former popular kids and building communion with the once smarty pants nerds. I too was once a smarty pants nerd, yesterday. Today, I can’t even talk about today.

Moving on, that funfest high school mash-up occurred at a wonderful reception, where I got to see my lovely friends Darren and Danny, the directors behind the film, Humboldt County, which was released last week. I interviewed them for the Northcoast Journal, but haven’t gotten to see them for awhile as they live in LA- a nice reunion!

Before that, my roomie and I saw Kalup Linzy and Dynasty Handbag (GL) at the New Museum, both of whom were insanely hysterical. See pictures below. I haven’t had that much fun at a performance in I don’t know how long. This means a lot coming from someone who has seen a lot of performances lately. Do not miss their next gigs!