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Gilbert and George

Posted in art with tags , , , , , on October 5, 2008 by thebrooklynsocialite

Gilbert and George at the Brooklyn Museum. Are they racist? wonderful purveyors of self-portraiture? or secret germ warfare agents…there is a terrorist in our midst…. more on this in the morning x

OK, I’m back. The large scale pencil drawings which greet the visitor upon entering the exhibition are inviting, lackadaisical, and highly evocative of this sense of a golden summer, for self-reflective intellectuals.

However, as one further traverses the museum landscape, huge imposing brightly colored, cartoon, Ali G style works threaten racial, and religious semi-slurs from every wall. This inquiry, finally descends into toilet humor, with monochromatic representations of shit and dicks.

“Is there a God?” They ask. God save us all.

Kalup Linzy and Dynasty Handbag, Humboldt County, Stonewall

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Since Stonewall, artstars and novices alike have been free to express themselves multi-genrely. Tonight was no exception. I ended my revelry at Stonewall amidst the ladies of Stonewall69 and the men who had wandered upstairs. It was a house music explosion and I have the headache to prove it. Yet, as my roommate pointed out, it was kinda awesome how a bunch of fugly peopleĀ  were there dancing badly. We were happy watch mini-dramas unfold for an hour or so.

Before that we were caught in the passion of high school imbalances remastered. Suddenly the cool guy in school, is a looser adult, and the dorks are king of the art hill. Oh to be a boy in New York, oh to be a girl. I always find it necessary to right some of these wrongs, by berating the former popular kids and building communion with the once smarty pants nerds. I too was once a smarty pants nerd, yesterday. Today, I can’t even talk about today.

Moving on, that funfest high school mash-up occurred at a wonderful reception, where I got to see my lovely friends Darren and Danny, the directors behind the film, Humboldt County, which was released last week. I interviewed them for the Northcoast Journal, but haven’t gotten to see them for awhile as they live in LA- a nice reunion!

Before that, my roomie and I saw Kalup Linzy and Dynasty Handbag (GL) at the New Museum, both of whom were insanely hysterical. See pictures below. I haven’t had that much fun at a performance in I don’t know how long. This means a lot coming from someone who has seen a lot of performances lately. Do not miss their next gigs!

Tre, Bembe, Metropolitan, Catherine Opie preview and opening, Corner shop, Carmen Valle

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Committed readers, welcome back! I am determined to blog every day, which sometimes means 2 am the next day- true Brooklyn Socialites are immune to exhaustion. I wish I could say that were true. It is the end of the month, which means that rent has to be paid, the GO deadline met ( I’m working towards Monday), and that all my visions are starting to pile up. They get cleared out on the 1st- kind of like how I’m not tired now.

Let’s work backwards. I rolled home tonight around 10 after Carmen Valle’s reading from Haiku de NuevaYork at McNally Jackson (both are additions to the GOOD List, GL). My once awesome Spanish comprehension skills (yes folks, I was a Spanish/History major in College) had abandoned me in a hungover fog of Lavender tea, beautiful chicken soup (Thanks Corner Shop Cafe, GL), and an all day jittery, shot of afternoon espresso (from my Bedstuy local Tiny Cup), which brings me to last night and why I am not at my freshest.

The reason is, because my cutely awkward streak emerged among the Lit Icons and Art Stars who were in attendance at last nights Catherine Opie: American Photographer, Guggenheim opening (GL). This drove me to free shwag wine and after party mojitos. The best conversation I had during the night was with Hans and Johan pictured below.(Checkout the October Go for more photos). We talked about hitchhiking, Situationists, Hans’ films, Johan’s design collective-The House of Very Much, my latent fiction, polyamory and then in the end we just danced! Justin Bond, T Cooper, Felicia Luna Lemus, Thelma Goldin, Eileen Myles, Debbie Harry, John Waters, Opie and countless others equally, failed to resist the dance floor as JD Sampson dropped fly beats.

Hans is the subject of some of Catherine’s photos, which are on display at the museum. I enjoyed my chance to preview the exhibition yesterday morning and promise to post a link to my review and interview with the artist as soon as it is out! That is all I’ll say about that right now, except to explain that yesterday morning in heels at the museum was mitigated by my too recent memory of Wed night, my best mate in town, exorcising demons in the dive splendor of Metropolitan (GL). This after a false start at Bembe (apparently it was groove night or something, who knows what that music genre is called? Tuesday nights are great though! GL) and a bottle of Sangiovese at Tre (GL). Authentic Italian’s serving wines from Italy’s regions only- a little pricey but the staff are cute.

From back to front that’s where I’ve been.