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Agent Angie at the Atlantic Antic

Posted in Guide to What's Good with tags , , , , , , on October 7, 2008 by thebrooklynsocialite

I woke up chilly Sunday morning– the prospect of sleeping in and hanging out in my pjs with a steaming pot of tea was quite palatable even though I’d already decided to check out the Atlantic Antic Festival in Brooklyn Heights. Luckily, I decided to suck it up, and umbrella in hand braved what was forecasted to be a soggy day, but what turned out to be sunny and delightful, perfect weather for an outdoor event. Atlantic Avenue was the perfect setting for a festival as vast as this one. The beautiful brick storefronts and historic townhouses lining the wide street were the perfect backdrop to the endless line of booths pedaling wares ranging from handmade jewelry to culinary and fried delights of all kinds. Funnel cakes and corndogs abounded .

Atlantic was bustling. We had to take a break from the unyielding pedestrian traffic if sanity was ever going to stay with us. We stepped into Tazza (GL), a cafe with a few outdoor tables right off Atlantic on quiet Henry Street for a break from the crowd. It provided a lovely atmosphere and a nice perk-me-up latte. The staff was friendly and efficient, the décor of dark wood cozy, and the copper bar top—a nice complement to the feel of the historic neighborhood. It was a nice people watching spot—we laughed as a ballsy old lady muscled her way into an outdoor seat that was already claimed.

On our way back to the subway, we passed performers from local churches, including a pastor preaching to intent and curious crowds, and perhaps most mystifying, a woman wearing a Swiss-lederhosen-inspired outfit (back-up dancers in tow) performing raucous versions of various golden oldies. Between the occasional rear-endings from impatient stroller-pedaling mommies and daddies and stagnant traffic jams, we stepped off to the sidewalk and sidled through the pricey antique, furniture, and clothing boutiques. The participation of local businesses (all of which had sales for the occasion) set the festival apart from others of its kind.

-Angie Venezia