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Harry Shearer Recap, Whoreoween

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I hope you are all pulling up as well as I am on this fine, sunny, post-mayhem Sunday morning. The scariest Halloween costume that I saw this season was the guy with the Harry Shearer mask on. No wait, that was really him. As much as I want to jock the 92st Y Tribeca, I have to say that I was far from impressed with my first event there. I’m hoping that was an anomalous experience and will reserve judgment.

Harry Shearer on the other hand, prepare to be roasted! The roast master himself seems to have not quite realized that the very act of mocking our misbegotten president and his team of political pariahs, does not give one carte blanche to use every racial and sexual slur in the Book. I was offended by his likening of Colin Powell to Smooth Jazz, his bashing Alberto Gonzalez with a Mexican ole song, and his repeated references to Condoleeza Rice’s perm. Seriously? Worsened by his descent into toilet humor, and the essentially boring old-timer band that backed him, Harry Shearer’s Songs of the Bushman (rock/jazz/weird Al Yankovic style?) concert blew, to put it mildly. Definitely on the BL

Luckily for me I did meet some nice folks during the ordeal and we commiserated together. Afterwards I checked out Whoreoween as promised, with a quick stop at Metro on the way. I still love that place, go Metropolitan, go community! Well the party was actually pretty fun, the DJ (who doubles as my GO co-worker) was pretty darn fab. Anyone who plays Arthur Russell, next to The Gossip, and on top of old school hip hop is alright in my Book.

Speaking so highly, as I always do, of books and words, I’ll part with a word of the day:

Trustafarian: Someone with a trust fund. This trust fun dictates one’s choice of social activities. Not a Brooklyn Socialite.


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Do you ever get the feeling that people are wildly underestimating you? They say things like, “Well, if you really wanted it, you would…” or “Well, you’re young, you have have plenty of time to make money, you don’t need it now.” This is when the incredulity sets in, “Do you have any idea who I am?” you want to scream, ” Do you have even half a notion of what I’ve done to get to this place in my life?” Officially you have more heart, more chutzpah, and more integrity then some people carry attached to their keyrings, “but I digress“(To quote one blogger who is in the habit of quoting me)… By now you have mentally jumped upon a table top and started demanding, back taxes, lost invoices, belated birthday presents and every other manner of substance that you now realize you are rightfully owed. In appearance, your body may be still quite contained behind your just slightly rolling eyes and your calm, controlled voice- in truth, you are raging. The diatribe is getting juicier, ex-partners are invoked, broken dishes that your roommates never claimed responsibility for, that diet that sabotaged you, the exercise that you no longer have time for. You are starting a movement here, look around and notice that others are also standing on their tables and chairs. Not visible to the untrained eye, but I see them. I am glad that I found my kin group, and we are beginning the departure…follow me! shhhh, don’t stop to think, just follow, or lead, whatever, just come.

Send me your best undervalued rant:

Possible topics include: 1.Who wants to be Paris Hilton anyway. 2. Why I’m a superstar (to myself) 3. A funny thing happened on the way to today and 4. Why canceled vaycay’s suck on top of everything else.

And now for a quick recap of Making Do the Right Thing. After seeing it for the second time, I noticed that Spike Lee was super fashionable in the late 80’s. Where can I get me a pair of yellow and green leggings, with green mini-shorts on top. Men were really comfortable with taking fashion forward back then. Pretty hot. I also loved the part where Melvin Van Peebles tells the crowd that refuses to quiet down and give him his propers, ” I didn’t get to where i am by being a choir boy, now shut up.” He’s on that table with us. He’s coming!

Melvin Van Peebles

Melvin Van Peebles

Inkblot Kelly, NY2022, Obama/Baldwin, Bitch, Edgar Keret

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I want to talk about the futuristic performance art piece that accompanies the AnySpaceWhatver exhibition.

The performance, entitled NY2022 combines Balenciaga dresses, with the Staten Island , Richmond County Orchestra, 82 year old singing actresses and a shower, a bicycle and a hot plate. Based on the 1973 Sci-fi film Soylent Green, the artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster creates an image of New York in the future. Apparently it is a place where people lovingly pour water over each other in lieu of actual showers, and where music and clothing, although beautiful (Balenciaga dresses) and lackadaisical, are gradually dissipating.

On the Subway downtown, I was wedged between the Russian members of the Staten Island Orchestra, although this environment was decidedly less glamorous then the Guggenheim, I felt a kindred connection with my fellow Brooklyn Socialites. Yes they live in Staten Island, but the point is that they are subway riding, comfortable shoe wearing, down to earth recessionistas like me.

When I arrived downtown, I was just in time to see Bitch and Feron at Joe’s Pub, which was a little folksy slice of the west coast from Daniela Sea’s lovely female folk singer girl-friend. The show was quite sweet, it made me feel like camping, and watching lakes. At one point, Ferron commented that new Yorkers view trees as concepts, that they are not in fact real to us. It was a joke, but I want to shout “Hey, I resemble that!” (which is a play on ‘I resent that’ For other fun pun’s in the sun dig this little gem of a site

And, it’s about time that I rail off about a few books and publications that I have been perusing these past few days. First of all did anyone else read the epic comparison of Barak Obama with James Baldwin in the NY Review of Books? What the? This brings to mind other “well matched” personages such as Orwell and Waugh. Until Barak comes out and publishes something with a little more literary merit than his “touching” autobiography provided, I will have to maintain my gasp. I love our next president, but don’t mess with Baldwin.

Speaking of writers, I caught Edgar Keret at Housing Works. He read from his latest book, A Girl on the Fridge. I really can’t speak volumes about his work, although it is very popular and often recommended to me. Its conspicuous lack of political choices, for a collection of stories set in conflict rich Israel/Palestine is a bit off putting. The style and subject matter is also v. male and seems to neutralize violence. However, the lady poets, who read before him, presented well crafted verse. Housing works still rocks!

I am also proud to share my new clothing website, Yay! The BS is also a Designer x That lovely model is sporting IK gear below x

I Heart Brooklyn Girls recap

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Okay party people, expect another post from me tonight, but meanwhile I have to give you a little bit of talkback on yesterday’s party.

It sucked!!!…..shhh, don’t tell. The doorman was rude, really Southpaw, its a big city, surely you can find someone who is not a shit-talking homophobe…no? The floor was not quite-lovingly encased in very sticky beer, the entrance price was 15 bucks and although the djs were good, it was too packed to dance until the end. Next year a bigger venue- I suggest anywhere other than Southpaw!

I did go to my favorite South Indian restaurant earlier that night, Dosas and a good chai will cheer a girl up-even when she gets dissed. (ooh!) not saying anything else, I will reveal the location though: corner of Lexington and 26th. Put it on your list girl(boy), it’s on mine. GL

Blade Runner, Bad tenants, Blue Man Group

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I finally broke down and saw Bladerunner and I have to say, in light of my love for dystopias, it was a really great dvd. Based on the Philip K Dick book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, it imagined the future in a beautiful post-apocalyptic china town for the senses. I loved it, loved younger Harrison ford, the male on male kiss of death, and most of all the following quote.

“It’s hard to live your whole life in fear, isn’t it? This is what it means to be a slave.” Go Philip! Go Ridley Scott, applause all around.

Which brings me to Bad Tenants (bad list BL) all I can say is avoid them at all costs, they will suck your blood to the very core!

Then Blue Man Group, I don’t know what its about, other than a mild dig against Internet obsession and modern life, something of a plea for a reconnection with the primal, interactive theater loving self. It is mostly just fun and slapstick, and grotesque-dirty. Thoughtful at best, I remember being really inspired by it at 18, this time it felt more like a colorful circus, sadly lacking the bearded lady.

This was my today, now see you tomorrow!

The Bad List- I thought it was only fair

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Still outside of the city and just about ready to return. God I miss Brooklyn! I thought this would be a good time to express my egalitarian instincts and create a Bad list- indeed it is only fair. For everything there is that is Good, there are probably 25 things, which are bad, so don’t worry I won’t list them all. However, there are some things which suck so goddammed much that I will have no choice but to rail against them. Why not build them a home, place them where they belong on the bad list. Feel free to leave additions to the list as comments bellow, whatever deserves a place on this mantle, will indeed be given one!



people who feel the need to create dialogue for dogs, “He’s saying, ‘pet me, love me, I’m here too, don’t forget I’m here too.'”

Christian Fundamentalists

bad tenants

Harry Shearer and band performing songs of the Bushmen


Photoshop downloads