Who is The Brooklyn Socialite?

What is the Brooklyn Socialite?

The Brooklyn Socialite is an experiment in access. I ask the questions:  Where are the sites of culture? Are they exclusive? What can I do to gain access to them? and How can I share that access with others?

Who is the Brooklyn Socialite?

The Brooklyn Socialite is mainly me, but has lots of lovely moonlight appearances by other writers. Who is me? My name is Robyn Hillman-Harrigan and I am a Jackson of all trades, I am a writer,  I am a guidance counselor, I am… You’ll find me on the interweb, and in person stalking culture. When I am not busy participating in and commenting on art, culture and politics, I work on my novel (print is not dead!) I can be found in cafes and parks across the borough.

What is a Brooklyn Socialite?

Unlike the Manhattan socialites of Sex in the City Fame, Brooklyn Socialites don’t have lots of money, fancy clothes, cars that go very fast, or anything remotely similar. All we need is a love for culture and free-thought, a tendency to socialize and the willingness to really explore this city. The B S can be spotted wherever the happenings are.

One Response to “Who is The Brooklyn Socialite?”

  1. dianalyle Says:

    Hi Robyn,
    Great to meet you the other night at Stranger than Fiction, though I did not last very long at the after party… Nice work on the blog! I will certainly check in often. Take a look at http://www.vesselthefilm.com if you find yourself with a free moment. Hope to meet again!

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