When I started this blog, almost 3 months ago, it was after having a vision of myself on a treadmill. Now it has actually happened! 3 month later. Twice in the same week, I have found my self at the warm shiny place, affectionately known as “The Gym.” There were several things that kept me away from the gym thus far…1.You can’t wear your pajamas there without being mildly embarrassed, especially if your pajamas, like mine, are flannel and in the style of an old man. 2 Going there, may make you feel healthy and encourage you to give up your new-found writerly ways, (ie. late nights, pash sessions, large quantities of alcohol and etc) [I am always torn between fashioning myself after the archetypal French writer (don’t ask why) and the yoga, smoothie, vegan chic aesthetic that I have dabbled in, during previous years.] ok 3. People who you don’t want scoping you out (naked) like middle aged janitorettes and overly friendly sauna-mates, will inevitably scope you out, leaving you with no choice but to politely “pretend not to notice”. and 4. the danger always exists, that one day, running on the treadmill enthusiastically to Chaka Kahn, you may confuse yourself with Bridget Jones, or worse, one of the lame normal people you secretly mock(!)… The bottom line is that the treadmill just doesn’t seem cool.

Oh but it is. Feeling healthy and fit is all the rage right now and I have to admit, I already feel better. I miss yoga and smoothies and I’m going to have to find some middle ground. Being a workaholic/something else aholic is going to have to back down and make some space for a happy holistic lifestyle goddamit!

2 Responses to “Treadmill”

  1. I have old man pj’s too. I would wear them all day…If I didn’t have to leave the house…

  2. thebrooklynsocialite Says:

    I know! I recognize the danger of my becoming complacent, as I work from home more and more. I could A. buy more old man pajamas and have pj fashion shows with myself or B. leave the house more…luckily the gym is only a few blocks away, baby steps!

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