A place at the Table-Aly Fourney Benefit-Chelsea Museum-Sandra Bernhard

The Chelsea Museum is definitely on my GL, I love that space. Whenever I go there it’s fun, and watching gays bid over hot auction items tonight was obviously, and not suprisingly, amazing. It was so exciting. I had to hold my hands down with some force in order to resist bidding on 3000 dollar tequila parties and trips to P-town. I managed to control the urge, the threat of poverty is very sobering you know!

Then, the joy of seeing Sandra Bernhard was pretty much unparalleled. After watching her as Jenny’s writing teacher on the L-word (yesterday ’cause I own the DVD) and of course Unzipped and Roseanne– it was high time I experienced her comedic revelry in the flesh. My favorite lines were, “I hate Blogs” and “I adore Barak Obama.” then when she said she was praying for the republicans on Rosh Hashana, I felt that my misfired holiday had finally been avenged.

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