The Women Generals of the Yang Family and Introducing BS Agent Angie

Just to get it out of the way first, I saw a great Peking Opera today. If you’ve never been, give it a try the next time that chance comes your way, which may not be for awhile. These folks came direct to NYU from China and it may be a once a year type gig. When I previewed it on Flavorpill, I predicted great costumes and cool backdrops, that was def. the case. There were also crazy drum beats, shrill high notes and awesome back flips, which bolstered the extremely feminist plot. Basically a hundred year old grandma, leads an army of women and they kick the imperialist enemies out. Go Bubby!

Now, with great pleasure I must announce Agent Angie, as promised, I will be rolling out other writers as I go and now its time for Angie to take the stage. No, she doesn’t wear high-tech kimonos and do triple flips, but she does have a keen eye for culture and from now on will be a valued agent of Brooklyn Socialite reportage.

Get Ready! Here’s her first post.

One Response to “The Women Generals of the Yang Family and Introducing BS Agent Angie”

  1. Thanks for the lovely intro and wonderful opportunity! So excited to be apart of the Brooklyn Socialite!

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