Frontrunners, Gomorrah, Matteo-Garrone Q&A, I’m famous

So I’m famous, according to one of my friends, who was standing with me on the cold street corner when I pulled a copy of New York Press out of the dispenser and found my article on Tegan and Sara in it. I almost started to believe him this morning when i bought a copy of The Progressive and my article on Sgt. Marshall Thompson was in there too. Fame! The illusion started to disentegrate fairly quickly when I remembered that I still don’t know how I am going to pay my already late rent, this month.

Oh well, as we Brooklyn Socialite’s do, at least I was able to spend the rest of the afternoon schmoozing among people who are gainfully employed in the business of being writers and filmmakers. That’s right, the pass wearing journalati who frequent the New York Film Festival. I was on a guest pass at it were, but was let in long enough to see Matteo Garrone’s new Cannes darling, Gomorrah. This is a mafia film, set in Naples, which is made to look almost like a documentary. In fact, the scenes are meticulously constructed and brought to life by local Napoletano theater actors, many of whom are teenagers. In the Q & A Garrone explained that Roberto Saviano, the author of the book on the Camorra, which Gomorrah is based on, had to go under protection, after threats were made on his life. Yet, Garrone has not had to do so becuase, ” People there love the cinema so much, that having a film made about them is something they are happy about, which allows them to forget about everything else.”

I also saw Caroline Suh’s Frontrunners it was fun and simple, very much in the spelling bee, and child dance competition genre. Sort of like the crossword puzzle movie too. It made being an overachiever look cool, in a weird kind of reverse way, and it reminded me that we have our Eton, and the class system in America is certainly not dead.

One Response to “Frontrunners, Gomorrah, Matteo-Garrone Q&A, I’m famous”

  1. Stephan Paschalides Says:

    you are already a celebrity!

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