The Bad List- I thought it was only fair

Still outside of the city and just about ready to return. God I miss Brooklyn! I thought this would be a good time to express my egalitarian instincts and create a Bad list- indeed it is only fair. For everything there is that is Good, there are probably 25 things, which are bad, so don’t worry I won’t list them all. However, there are some things which suck so goddammed much that I will have no choice but to rail against them. Why not build them a home, place them where they belong on the bad list. Feel free to leave additions to the list as comments bellow, whatever deserves a place on this mantle, will indeed be given one!



people who feel the need to create dialogue for dogs, “He’s saying, ‘pet me, love me, I’m here too, don’t forget I’m here too.'”

Christian Fundamentalists

bad tenants

Harry Shearer and band performing songs of the Bushmen


Photoshop downloads

2 Responses to “The Bad List- I thought it was only fair”

  1. […] TheBrooklynSocialite Culture Comment above the Choice Cacophony « The Bad List- I thought it was only fair […]

  2. […] Harry Shearer on the other hand, prepare to be roasted! The roast master himself seems to have not quite realized that the very act of mocking our misbegotten president and his team of political pariahs, does not give one carte blanche¬† to use every racial and sexual slur in the Book. I was offended by his likening of Colin Powell to Smooth Jazz, his bashing Alberto Gonzalez with a Mexican ole song, and his repeated references to Condoleeza Rice’s perm. Seriously? Worsened by his descent into toilet humor, and the essentially boring old-timer band that backed him, Harry Shearer’s Songs of the Bushman (rock/jazz/weird Al Yankovic style?) concert blew, to put it mildly. Definitely on the BL […]

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