The Good List



IFC Center



Battle in Seattle

This is What Democracy Looks Like

At the Edge of the World

Fixer: The Taking of Ajmal Naqshbandi

Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell

Trouble the Water


Globalization and its Discontents

Take it Personally

The General of the Dead Army


The Time Machine

The Space Trillogy

The Seagull


Choice Bakery

Birdbath Bakery- honorable mention

Corner Shop Cafe

No. 7 Greene




Cafe Lafayette


Housing Works

McNally Jackson



Catherine Opie

Allen Ginsberg

Dynasty Handbag

Kalup Linzy

Eileen Myles

Coco Rosie

St Clair Bourne

Spike Lee

Angela Davis


Vol de Nuit- Belgian Beer/Wine bar- West 4th





Santos Party House


Catherine Opie:American Photographer

Louise Borgeois

Other spaces

The Chelsea Museum

The Yard

Nu Yu Day Spa


92 st Y Tribeca

Concert Venues

17 Responses to “The Good List”

  1. […] Culture Comment above the Choice Cacophony « Searching for what’s good The Good List […]

  2. […] TheBrooklynSocialite Culture Comment above the Choice Cacophony « The Good List […]

  3. […] above quoting myself, so that was an excerpt from my flavorpill preview of the NYC Spelling Bee at Housing Works. Now for the review…from the vantage point of […]

  4. […] or coincidentally, references such magnificently tragic journey’s as those that comprised 1884, the Time Machine, C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy and naturally, Heart of […]

  5. […] Dan Stone’s film about one of their Antarctic missions, At the Edge of The World as part of IFC’s Stranger Than Fiction documentary series. I was struck during the Q&A by the apparently […]

  6. […] Allen Ginsberg was famous for the inspiration he found in Visions. William Blake appeared to him, as did Aurthur Russell, in the flesh. Ginsberg found him dressed in urban monks attire and ever after referred to him and his music as Pop Buddhist. They later lived for many years in a building stuffed with artists flats. Whether they were ever lovers, I’m not sure, but Russell lived out his life there with his faithful beloved partner, who was at the IFC center tonight to answer questions about Matt Wolf’s new film Wild Combination (GL). […]

  7. […] of just raw seared hangar steak, with Chinese broccoli and kimchi perogies- that is what I had at No. 7. Again squash, savory battles sweet […]

  8. […] that, my roomie and I saw Kalup Linzy and Dynasty Handbag (GL) at the New Museum, both of whom were insanely hysterical. See pictures below. I haven’t had […]

  9. […] anxieties about dating. Thanks to the open and relaxed atmosphere (which gets Sugarland on the GL), we found it easy to flaunt our dance moves, as sparse as the room was, to DJ remixes of The […]

  10. […] Fourney Benefit-Chelsea Museum-Sandra Bernhard The Chelsea Museum is definitely on my GL, I love that space. Whenever I go there it’s fun, and watching gays bid over hot auction […]

  11. […] soaring aside, I thought it was a great play (GL), and I will have to go back and read it. Yes the production was a bit dry, it was Broadway after […]

  12. […] I did go to my favorite South Indian restaurant earlier that night, Dosas and a good chai will cheer a girl up-even when she gets dissed. (ooh!) not saying anything else, I will reveal the location though: corner of Lexington and 26th. Put it on your list girl(boy), it’s on mine. GL […]

  13. […] have a new recommendation for the GL, Loulou’s in Ft Greene on Dekalb, is a great little brunch spot (especially if you have fun […]

  14. […] -Eileen Myles Time to hit you with a book review. Sorry Tree is a recent book of poetry by Eilleen Myles. By way of description of Myles, for the uninitiated, I don’t know whether to say, […]

  15. […] course different from the band, but our verdict: fun and thought provoking, definitely going on the GL. The slide show that accompanied it was positively wacked out. Yay, more experimental film cures, […]

  16. […] “St Clair Bourne captured the conflict-rich environment of Bed-Stuy in the early ’80s and the ways in which the community responded to seeing its streets turned into a live set.” Read More […]

  17. […] Angela Davis Recap, AnySpacewahtever Pictures, Halloween The crowd at Angela Davis’ talk last night was pretty spectacular, v. Dyke March NYC meets Critical Resistance, Oakland plus a large helping of Eugene Lang Students and free Mumia activists. The vibe was very serious though, not to many accidental lover pick-ups or new friendships made, the main focus was on the star of the show: Angela Davis. (Definitely on the Good List) […]

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